I have always loved taking pictures.  In high school, I learned how to use a film SLR, develop my own film, and print my own photos.  My teacher, Mr Hoy, was so passionate about the art that it caught fire in me!   All my time behind the lens and in the darkroom earned me the Outstanding Photographer award.

Although  nothing beats the feeling of watching your print come up in the chemical baths under red darkroom lights, I switched to digital a few years ago because of the flexibility digital allows.  I prefer full-framing, and I don't do a lot of post-production touching up--something I carry with me from my film days: I like it when my final shot is what I make when I actually click the shutter button.

I like all sorts of photography, but my favorites inevitably involve people: weddings, maternity, family reunions, portraits, concerts, sports...

Take a look at my portfolio, and if you have a special occasion coming up, feel free to contact me to capture your event!