I am a PhD student in the department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. My primary interest is in environmental & energy economics, and my adviser is the inimitable Maximilian Auffhammer.  My current work includes estimating the effects of Bay Bridge congestion pricing on traffic and air pollution.

My papers and research include:

Water and Jobs: The Role of Irrigation Water Deliveries on Agricultural Employment (with David Sunding and Maximilian Auffhammer), ARE Update, Vol 14, No 4, Mar/Apr 2011

Making Greenhouse Gas Policy Decisions under Uncertainty: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach (with Alan H. Sanstad, Peter Berck, and Lunyu Xie)  February 2010

My contributions as a research assistant include:

Meredith Fowlie, Stephen Holland and Erin Mansur, What Do Emissions Markets Deliver and to Whom? Evidence from Southern California’s NOx Trading Program, forthcoming, American Economic Review.

Contributing energy demand estimation to UC Berkeley's Cool Climate Carbon Calculator.

Anming Zhang, Anthony E. Boardman, David Gillen and W.G. Waters II, Towards Estimating the Social and Environmental Costs of Transportation in Canada, A report for Transport Canada, August 2004